January 30, 2023

The American Worker Is The Number One Priority!

For any sitting United States president, there should only be one priority on their mind and that’s the American people. It shouldn’t be in places beyond the United States if the American workers are struggling to make ends meet and pay their bills. This is why the Trump administration was so popular among many Americans. He brought American industry back and eliminated free trade agreements that were crippling the United State economy. For many decades prior to the Trump administration, there was a massive push for globalism at the expense of the United States, starting with President Richard Nixon. Though these attempts at globalism helped to develop other parts of the world, it severely crippled the American economy and the average American. This action wasn’t just from Richard Nixon, multiple presidencies afterward continued this trend which destroyed American industry. For example, China was the biggest recipient of free trade agreements from the United States, which caused the United States to lose it’s industry to China. This is because the United States dollar is worth more in a foreign country like China. The incentive to stay in the United States no longer exists since it’s more expensive to stay. Policies of this nature have done nothing but destroy the United States economy and should not be allowed to persist for the good of the American people.

 Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems to be continuing the trend of his predecessors before Trump. On his first day in Office in January of 2021, Biden canceled one of America’s largest oil pipeline projects, the XL pipeline, which goes from Alberta, Canada to Nebraska and spans 1,200 miles. This pipeline provided many Americans with stable jobs that they could create a living off of. Many of these American workers even have families. It’s a project that would only serve to better the United States in the long run, not hurt the economy. Union workers have even gone on record to state that Biden has done nothing but harm the career of every union worker in the energy industry because of his actions.

Even then, the ability to disagree with the project’s creation is one thing. To stop it’s construction and approve pipeline construction in another country afterwards is another thing entirely. It’s hard to believe, but that’s exactly what Biden did. After stopping the construction of the Keystone pipeline, he began to lift sanctions on Russia’s effort to build a pipeline of their own, called Nord Stream 2, from Russia to Germany in May of 2021. In other words, this sitting President prioritized a foreign pipeline over a domestic pipeline. Harming tens of thousands of American jobs in the process. It’s hypocritical and it shows beyond a shadow of doubt that the American people elected a president who doesn’t care for them.

American infrastructure should be the top priority of any United States leader. Without it, the country begins to fall apart as it’s industry moves to more suitable locations and people are left without work. The Biden administration’s cutting of over 70,000 union jobs in America is an insult to the great men and women of this country, who deserve the employment that they had. By favoring the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline over the Keystone XL pipeline, Biden only proves how he was never fit to lead this country. In conclusion, it goes without saying that the Keystone Pipeline should be renewed and American infrastructure should be the priority.

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