March 20, 2023

American Infrastructure Takes Priority Over Climate Change!

The recent spending plan passed by the Biden administration is a multi-trillion dollar plan that will pay a lot of money for programs that really don’t need that much funding in the first place, like planned parenthood and climate change. Additionally, it will throw this country into a quarter of a trillion dollars in debt after a decade of implementation. Though it can be said that the spirit of this spending plan may have some good intentions in it’s literature, the bulk of the bill will only hurt the policies of the Trump presidency which did a lot of good over all. Like the Trump tax plan of 2017, since it would need to be “reversed” in order to fund the massive expenditure of money. Which is not good! What’s even worse, instead of focusing on aging structures, the Biden spending plan focused on more green new deal policies which are generally a poor investment like socialist programs.

Most recently, Hurricane IDA made its way through the North Eastern part of the United States and devastated miles upon miles of Northern land with flooding and fallen trees. The flooding was so bad that it broke records in regard to damages sustained in areas like New York city. As republican representative from New York city, Nicole Malliotakis stated in her Fox news interview, “When it comes to the true things that taxpayers expect for their tax dollars, [New York City’s Governor and Mayor] seem to neglect it.” She went on to say that the Mayor should focus less on climate change and more on much needed infrastructure in the city. The flooding that occurred from hurricane IDA is a record, but it only adds emphasis to the chronic flooding which perpetuates in New York every year. The Mayor and Governor are more focused on Climate change than they are with the living conditions of the city and state which they preside over respectively. 

Indeed, Malliotakis even made note of the fact that the spending package that the Biden administration passed through congress focuses mostly on climate change or Human infrastructure rather than land and structural infrastructure itself, which is why city buildings suffered as much as it did in the first place. Malliotakis and many others argue that the new spending plan should not be abused for a socialist wish list like the Biden spending plan is written out to be. Instead, it should focus more heavily on much needed resources like public roads, bridges, and especially drainage systems. Hurricane IDA was responsible for the deaths of 13 New Yorkers and over 50 people in 4 states across the Northeastern area of the United States. Most of those people were in basement structures that collapsed from faulty sewer lines and bad drainage systems. 

For Malliotakis to say that the structural infrastructure of the United States needs improvement from issues like that is an understatement of the highest order. Failing city undergrounds killing citizens is absolutely unacceptable and it demonstrates just how badly the American taxpayers dollars have been abused over the years for leftist agenda driven policies like climate change. Ultimately, this issue of flooding reflects the Biden administration and the democrats control over the economy in general as the august jobs report has “failed to meet expectations” this year dropping the unemployment to 5.2%. The reckless spending done according to the liberal agenda is tragic because it places hard earned American money into programs that don’t need to be funded in excess, like climate change. The money being directed to impractical socialist programs should be redistributed to more practical American infrastructure like strengthening drainage systems, sewers, roads, buildings, and job creation programs. In this way, the American economy can thrive under the effort of the people and not the will of the government.

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