December 4, 2022

Beware the Biden Administration’s Immigration Policies. And the Mexican Drug Crisis at the Border!

Historically, Texas has been one of the most red states in the United States. From the time of Ronald Reagan, Republican presidents have won Texas fairly easily and with no real issue. Unfortunately, by the time of President Trump in the year 2016, Republicans began to win Texas with a margin of less than 5% compared to Reagan’s nearly 30% lead for his election in the 1980’s. What changed? Over the years, Texas, more specifically the Houston area, has experienced a massive influx of democratically affiliated people from all across the country. Aside from simply being displaced, there was an end goal to welcoming them to Texas. For decades, resident democrats have wanted to outvote the heavy red counties in Texas by bringing in more democratically affiliated voters to the area. Incredibly, this agenda has not changed since the 80’s, it’s only evolved and transformed with the changing times. 

The Biden administration’s immigration enforcement policies follow the sentiments of those Texan democrats almost perfectly and speak of bad news for our country. Rather than simply trying to displace Democrats from other areas of the United States or bring out more blue voters in red Texan counties, the Biden administration had something else in mind. In order to flip Texas, they sought to completely destroy the hard work the Trump administration placed into security at America’s Southern Border. For example, Biden halted progress of the Southern Border Wall that President Trump had constructed, he’s increased the rate of citizenship for migrants looking to enter America from central American countries, and he got rid of the zero tolerance policy which was incredibly efficient at stopping crime from entering the United States. 

The Biden administration’s solution to processing all of these newcomers is by placing them in temporary tents that are stationed at the Southern Border; until they are processed together into the country. Unfortunately, they can only be placed in tents for a month before they must be released by American law. Naturally, it’s anyone’s guess what happens to them afterwards, but one can only hope they don’t enter the United States without being legalized first. The actions of the Biden Administration are gravely concerning and will only lead to more crime and drug violence as migrants are allowed to flood into the United States with little to no documentation attached to them.

More specifically, migrant caravans are largely associated with an influx of drugs, drug violence and drug issues that the United States has fallen victim to over the course of many decades. The families in migrant caravans rely on people – known as Coyotes – to transport them across the border. The coyotes use the routes that are protected by drug cartels, who use those routes to smuggle humans and drugs across the border. This practice has caused significant chaos for the United States in the form of undocumented entries of thousands of illegal immigrants and massive quantities of drugs.

On the topic of drugs, the opioid crisis is an issue that has plagued the United States for many decades. For example, since the 1990’s, Opioid overdose deaths in the United States have risen from less than 10,000 annually to almost 50,000 annually. This is concerning because it means that drug trafficking was allowed to proliferate without being contested by ICE for a long time, until the Trump administration tried to heavily enforce border security; and now once again regressing with the Biden Administration.

Incredibly, this issue only becomes more serious when you consider the type of opioids that are currently being transported into the United States. Instead of heroine, which was the main opioid being produced and distributed into the United States from Mexico for decades. A new opioid has made its way into the global drug market in recent years called Fentanyl. This opioid is 50 times more potent that Heroine and 100 times more powerful than Morphine. On top of that, Fentanyl only requires a dose as small as 3 milligrams for the user to overdose. What’s curious is that Mexico isn’t the producer of this substance. Fentanyl is an opioid largely produced by China and then shipped over into Mexico through a Cartel-China trade alliance that’s been established in recent years. For example, the Sinaloa Cartel is an importer of Fentanyl production material into Mexico. They’ve set up a drug trafficking ring world wide that greatly profits from getting synthetic opioid chemicals shipped to them from China. This cartel, like many others in Mexico, uses the migrant caravans to send fentanyl and other synthetic drugs over into the United States. Aside from the obvious fact that the drug trade from Mexico into the United States needs to be dealt with by direct attention from United States law enforcement, China is the greater elephant in the room. 

By providing Mexico with the means and the substance to produce their own fentanyl, the United States drug war only becomes worse for society. While the cartels may be in it for the money, the Communist party of China is in it for something else. China wants control over the United States and the rest of the world because of it’s communist ideology. By providing Mexico with opioids like Fentanyl, they create means to further sabotage the United States through drug warfare from within; by deliberately harming tens of thousands of good Americans who don’t deserve it. The more that the United States is affected by the Chinese drugs and terrible trade policy, the less it will be able to compete with China politically and economically. If the United States is sabotaged from within, the rest of the world will have a difficult time from stopping China from committing horrible, insidious acts against it’s own people and the rest of Humanity.

A situation like this requires direct attention and decisive action to stop the threat that is festering without immediate challenge. Naturally, an excellent place to start would be to complete the border wall. By finishing the wall, Immigrations and Custom enforcement can keep drug smugglers and human sex traffickers out of our country much more effectively than they would otherwise. Additionally, the zero tolerance policy provided immigrant children who were separated from their families or people pretending to be their parents at the border, the chance to be adopted by foster families. This is significantly more organized than simply allowing migrant families to enter without being processed as legal citizens. The efficiency of the border’s security is the only thing standing in the way of America suffering from more crime and drug sabotage from within. Finally, the United states should place sanctions on Chinese pharmaceutical companies producing fentanyl in order to have them place heavier regulations on who they distribute it to. So as to deter them from doing business with cartels, like the Sinaloa cartel. 

Just these few changes in policy alone would have dramatic improvements for the United States and her people. The policies the Biden administration has put into practice in it’s first three weeks in office will only lead to more disaster within the United State if they aren’t rectified. While America is a great force for good all over the world, it can’t protect the people of other nations, if it’s destroyed from within. These issues are important, and they deserve the attention of every American citizen. 

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