January 30, 2023

First Days of the Biden Administration. What Will They Yield?

It’s impossible to know for sure just yet what results the Biden administration will yield for the American people, since it’s only been 4 days since he was inaugurated. However, there are a few indicators as to where it could be headed. While it’s a wise policy to give any new administration the benefit of the doubt, this administration hasn’t been helping that notion. For example, just two days into his term, President Biden stopped the construction of the XL oil pipeline that ran between the United States and Canada. The act of stopping this project got rid of over 70,000 jobs. Those were the jobs of good people with families to support. This unsettling act only harms the American economy and doesn’t do anything to support the American worker. This act even comes from the position of hypocrisy since Biden has stated on Social media that he is a pro-union president; despite unions rejecting him more than once. Perhaps something even worse, he’s taken almost 2.2 billion dollars from union workers payroll because of the cancelled pipeline. Those people deserve to have their jobs restored or to have new projects created!

As far as the Presidency goes, it feels like he’s starting off by tearing down america rather than building it back better. Another point of concern is that he’s halted the construction of the southern border wall. While this act as president does take away jobs, it also leaves the country vulnerable to illegal immigrants coming into the United States unauthorized. It’s impossible to know just how many illegal immigrants make it through the border every year. However, an estimate can be made from Border apprehensions. In 2018, approximately, 400,000 illegal immigrants were taken into custody by ICE. The suspension of construction indefinitely will only cause this number of illegals to increase year after year, as they realize they can sneak into the United States without threat of being sent back. America needs the wall!

Another example of an act as president that will only hurt the American economy is rejoining the Paris climate accord. The Trump administration separated itself from the accord because of the fact that the United States was footing the bill for most of it while other countries were beginning to no longer meet their payments that they agreed to. Additionally, it’s been estimated if the United States were to stay in the climate agreement, it would cost the average American family roughly 20,000 dollars on average and eliminate almost half a million jobs. It would also create a GDP loss of over 2.5 trillion dollars by 2035. The Trump administration had excellent reasons for taking the United States out of the Paris climate accord. This agreement only hurts the United States as other countries have failed to live up to their end of the agreement by paying their share. What’s more, it was found by multiple studies that it’s effects, if every country honored the agreement – which they don’t – would be almost undetectable. What’s more, the United States air pollution has been on a 69% decline for decades, from 1970 to 2014; through its own policies. The idea of the Paris climate agreement seems more like a way to funnel funds for corrupt action than something truly meant to stop a global problem. If there’s a way to stop human induced climate change, this isn’t the way! It only needlessly hurts the United States economy and its people.

The actions taken by the Biden administration at this time are concerning and will only continue to be detrimental to the American people if actions like these are to become the norm. The American people should be the priority of any presidential administration. Creating policies that only work to their detriment such as siphoning their hard earned money away from the economy or stopping them from being able to work doesn’t help anyone. Though half of America may have fought tooth and nail to get rid of Trump, the Trump administration did excellent things for the American workers and the people. The unemployment rate hit record lows of 3.5% before Covid-19 in February of 2020 and was only continuing to decline. No matter the administration that takes office, the people of the nation the leader was elected to lead, should always be the priority. No matter which country it is.

In order to benefit the American people rather than hurt them, this author recommends the Biden administration focus on the needs of the American people, like providing jobs and lowering taxes, rather than sending their money away to foreign countries.

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