January 30, 2023

Free Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller!

Recently, during the month of august, a man known as Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller spoke out about the lack of accountability with the Afghanistan withdrawal. In his video he asked for the superiors of the United States military like General Mark Milley, General Kenneth Mackenzie, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to justify their decision to leave Afghanistan in the manner that they did since everyone agrees that it was an absolute disaster. More specifically, the handling of the Bagram air base evacuation in Afghanistan was done in such a way that caused maximum panic and hysteria. Lt. Col. Scheller’s superiors are regularly political with their views such as appealing to the radical left and yet, still, they face no repercussions for speaking their minds in such a manner. 

Unfortunately, neither Milley, Austin, Mackenzie, or Biden are taking responsibility for the disaster that was removing American troops from Afghanistan. Incredibly, the moment Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller decided to ask for the top brass of the United States military to take accountability for the actions which transpired, he was then fired from the marines and thrown in jail without pension or health benefits. There is something very wrong with this! 

Even though Scheller never committed a crime and spoke his mind with honor, he was still the one who suffered consequences after the Afghanistan disaster. It was wrong to put Scheller in jail and he should be set free, as well as given back his pension and medical benefits for the dishonor that’s been dealt to him and this country. The Afghanistan disaster lost the lives of many people including 13 Americans in a bombing on the Kabul air base. These mistakes could have easily been avoided had the withdrawal been more orderly. The actions which have transpired in the past few weeks have done nothing but expose the absurd corruption which runs through the Biden administration and his administration needs to be held accountable for the harm dealt to innocent Americans. This country deserves strong leadership as shown by Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller by standing up for the reputation of this great nation.

A Fundraiser has been started to help pay for Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller’s bail and his living expenses. More Information here!

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