April 2, 2023

How Should A Leader Tackle Crime In The United States?

The United States is not a third world country where crime is allowed to run rampant in city streets without the law existing to put it in its place. The disgusting amounts of total anarchy that’s been consuming America for the past couple years has truly been nothing short of breathtaking. Incredibly, the largest surge of this chaos started with the George Floyd protests last year on May 25th, 2020, where people began to tear through the streets in a rampage. This behavior, entirely uncalled for, and a disgrace to the brave men and women who defend this country with valor, rang alarm bells all across the nation. The public was beginning to lose their civil nature as they fell deeper and deeper into the wicked snare of the devil. Though we pray God may rebuke these people, it’s heartbreaking to see that our fellow Americans could fall into such demonic practices like those seen in the old testament of the Bible. We as Americans have a profound and unique duty delivered unto us by God to love and respect our fellow man. To fall into savagery of an extreme nature only helps the Devil, not the good Lord. This nation is composed of some of the finest people on this planet, and we all expect a lot more from them than extreme moral failures.

The Biden administration has done very little in the way of trying to stop this debilitating anarchy from harming Americans. In general, major American cities across the nation have seen a 33% increase in homicides during the year 2020. The evidence of this can be seen with the rising crime rates in New York city. For example, during the months of May 2020 to May 2021, the crime rates rose approximately 22% in New York city. Among the many crimes which increased over the course of the last year, shooting incidents saw a 73% increase, out of all other crimes. 

This statistic is incredibly unnerving because it demonstrates just how much the public doesn’t respect law enforcement in New York city. As another example, just a week ago, security camera footage surfaced of a man and his two kids running from a gun man in broad daylight in the Bronx. The scene – incredibly traumatizing – displayed the gunman unloading an entire pistol clip into the man. This insidious behavior is so atrocious and so abysmal, that it could make anyone paralyzed at the mere sight of it. This act was so terrible, that those people might as well have been living in Somalia in East Africa instead of New York city. This is a country of law and order. Not a country that’s enslaved to the devil!

Even the rest of the United States such as the city of Chicago is suffering from this surge in violent crime. For example, in the year of 2020, over 750 people were murdered in that very city

The massive influx of heinous crimes which have occurred across the United States in the past year are crimes which need serious attention by our nation’s leaders. These are crimes which should be met by allowing the people to arm themselves as mandated by the founding fathers in the second amendment of the Bill of Rights. Incredibly, the Biden administration wants to ban the use of “assault-style weapons” from American citizens. This concept is false by its very nature because it’s a vague all encompassing term which can include every projectile weapon that is semi-automatic, including hand guns. How is that constitutional? 

 To the contrary of the above, 90% of Police officers polled across the nation even agree that less gun crime would occur if American citizens were legally armed, not dis-armed. This behavior and mindset from the Biden administration is off putting because it shows a lack of consideration for the safety of the people. According to the CDC as of 2020, guns were used in self defense anywhere from 500,000 times to 3,000,000 times that year. That’s a significant amount of crime deterrence and it’s all thanks to the second amendment. To want to take such a gift away from the people is to blatantly increase the chance of crime and homicides in the United States, not decrease it. Truly, the amount of violent crimes and homicides that have increased over the last year must be met with resolute law and order. The people have a god given right to arm themselves and their law enforcement officers should not be hindered by politics when it comes to stopping crimes of any nature. 

The Freedom and security of the people is something very sacred to the core of this nation and must be protected at all costs. Freedom is the very foundation of this nation! It’s existence is the antithesis to anarchy and tyranny, and these concepts certainly won’t hold our nation hostage in the modern day. This republic has stood for a quarter of a millennia on a phenomenal framework and it will continue to stand the test of time into eternity. Liberty And Justice For All! Amen!

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