March 20, 2023

Infrastructure Bills, Eviction Bans, And A Generous Government. Where Are We Going?

Recently, the Biden administration and the democratic party proposed a multi trillion dollar spending bill worth over 3 trillion dollars. Incredibly, this spending spree doesn’t solely focus on helping small businesses out of debt from the Covid-19 fiasco. It also enables programs that could be costly. Such as: 

  1. Universal Pre-K
  2. Free school meals
  3. Family medical leave
  4. DACA pathway to citizenship
  5. Greener Farming
  6. Medicare Expansion

Though not all of these items are necessarily bad spending choices, the spirit in which the money is leaving the infinite supply at the treasury is a serious concern. It’s been estimated that this new spending bill would place the United states into a quarter of a trillion dollars in debt within the next ten years. Though the road to building this country up might be one paved with good intentions, it’s one that will only lead to more harm than good if more cautious considerations towards this nation’s budget and tax plans aren’t implemented. The plans listed above might have some good intentions like public Pre-K or Free school meals, but plans like expanding Medicare and “Greener” farming are costly ventures that aren’t as necessary as helping small businesses and lifting the burdensome taxes that many low income Americans face. What’s worse, this spending plan implements many “Green New Deal” spending policies which will ultimately undo a lot of the things President Trump worked so hard to implement during his presidency in regard to cutting taxes. The deficit of this bill would be so great that Trump’s work would need to be undone.

Reckless spending of this kind is what will throw this nation into economic decline as the American citizens become burdened by the lack of money in their wallets. Abusing fiscal policy to such an extent without a way to pay for it is an abuse of power. Fiat currency like the United States dollar is greatly impacted by excess spending at the federal level because it hyper inflates the amount of notes compared to the item or commodities it’s backed by. This multi-trillion dollar spending plan is excessive and only thins out the oomph the United States dollar holds because of the lack of fiscal return from the country itself.

The helm at which this country has been steered up to this point has been questionable and very concerning for the citizens who live here. The influx of illegal immigrants and the cancellation of American jobs on the United State’s XL pipeline show a serious lack of consideration for the people. This behavior only shows more clearly when you observe his willingness to accept the CDC’s ban on evictions for renters of rental properties. This ban makes it so that anyone who has rented a property can’t be evicted for not paying their rent. The excuse is that there are other Covid-19 strains spreading, like the new Delta variant. How this makes sense is anyone’s guess. However, what this “eviction ban” action really does is make landlords incapable of paying their bills because their tenants can’t be evicted for not paying rent. This action is unconstitutional and rightly deserves to be met with appropriate legal action in order to keep the landlords in control of their properties. 

Ultimately, Biden’s position on the eviction ban and the new spending bill bode poorly for the prospect of the nation’s future, because it reeks of totalitarianism. The direction this country is going in under the Biden administration is alarming because it seemingly has no thought or care for the damages the administration might cause with their actions, like spending 2 billion dollars to stop the southern border wall construction rather than use that money to build up more of it. If the future is going to look brighter, then the Biden administration must adopt plans that will benefit this country in both the short term and the long term. Such as with properly balancing it’s budget before finding weak United States infrastructure to fix. Infrastructure needs support, but not at the expense of this nation’s future.

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