January 30, 2023

Live Free or Die By Sean Hannity – Analysis

The book Live Free or Die written by Sean Hannity takes a very simple yet powerful concept into account that all Americans should hold dear. We either fight for liberty together or we die alone like enslaved fools. That’s the premise of the book. It’s powerful. This book was written in the same spirit as his radio and television talk shows which made it very easy to read and follow along with the arguments he had to convey.

This Live Free or Die exists as a reminder for all those who voted in the 2020 election that there is a power hungry few who want nothing more than to violate the god given freedoms of the American citizens to further their agenda for enslaving all of america. The concepts and arguments presented in his novel explain why Americans have to vote for a president who will fight to defend constitutional rights and freedoms. Without those freedoms, America would not be the way it is today. 

These evil few who are hell bent on destroying America from within, are adamant about making America a socialistic government rather than a free-economic capitalist system. The problem with this type of economic philosophy is that it creates a lack of incentive for people to work. Without work, civilizations fail to support themselves and they collapse, like the USSR. Indeed, the USSR is an example of a communist regime. Communism is another branch of socialism and has gone down in history as the worst economic philosophy to ever have been conceived. As Hannity explained in his book, Communism is responsible for killing over 100 million people over the last hundred years. As far as the history of humanity is concerned, that is a record. No where in humanity’s history has their ever been such a disgusting genocide of human life than what communism has wrought in countries like China, Russia, Cuba, and North Korea. 

Nowhere in the history of humanity has there ever been a country that has cared for the human condition like the United States. This country has done more for the world than any other country and not a single country has been able to replicate such a humanitarian achievement in such a short amount of time. She is unique. The United States of America is unique. To live a life in this country is a blessing unlike any other because of the gifts and opportunities it offers. Under the confines of a law that respects the rights of all citizens, you, an American, are freer here than any other nation on earth. It’s a feeling unlike any other.

Sean Hannity’s novel does excellent work at explaining the Russia hoax that followed President Trump in the 2016 election. His novel goes into explicit detail about the hideous and corrupt activities that were put into effect to thwart President Trump. Fortunately, their efforts went in vain as Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election and President Trump took office. The corrupt activities of the deep state were a horrendous example for why the United States needs more presidents like Donald Trump to take office. It’s presidents like him that remind the American people about what makes them great and why we need to respect the values that this country was founded on such as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Presidents that are not attached to corrupt corporate interests are the only way to ensure that the American elections are fair for every citizen of the United States. Corporate controlled presidents like Joe Biden are the reason why the United States gets thrown into chaos and turmoil as it bends over to the will of other nations. This should NEVER EVER be allowed to happen. Corporate controlled presidents like Joe Biden destroy this country from within. This country. The United States of America, exists as a beacon of freedom and independence for all people who obtain citizenship. 

The United States needs independent Presidents who uphold this nation’s values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in order to protect the rights of each individual American. Without them, it will fall into the same apocalyptic turmoil that befell all other countries that devolved into Communistic practices that killed tens of millions of people. This nation will always rise above the deceptive efforts of tyrants. She will always stand as a beacon of freedom in the light of the new world to come. God bless this country and the great men and women who fight to keep her safe.

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