March 20, 2023

Protect Your Freedom! Beware The Many Covid-19 Vaccines And The Plot To End The Republic!

Dear Patriot,

The Covid-19 pandemic has truly set a historical precedent for the most hysteria ever displayed by humanity. Everywhere you looked, there was a frantic American or global citizen running in a panic to buy apocalypse supplies because the corporate bought-and-paid for media told them to. These actions led many to fall prey to the whims of what their government officials and medical leaders had to say even if it was absurd. What’s worse, what should have simply been recommendations from Government officials and medical leaders became government mandates which violated constitutional rights, such as making people wear masks, despite masks being empirically proven to not stop respiratory viruses like Covid-19. Indeed, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the CDC was even caught contradicting himself by admitting that cloth masks won’t stop respiratory viruses, before the CDC publicly recommended that everyone wear masks. The idea that the public must bend to the whim of the government for medical guidance is hypocritical to the foundations upon which this republic stands. 

As Ben Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Even though Franklin’s words seem fairly obvious, that didn’t stop the general public from being subjected to the whim of state governments such as California, New York, Illinois, and other states, which wanted to abuse Covid-19 for their own nefarious purposes. Remarkably, the warning in Franklin’s quote materialized like nothing anyone had ever seen before. 43 out of 50 state government’s issued orders for every person to lockdown for weeks into months in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Indeed, people were even told that they couldn’t work unless they were essential. This amounted to 72% of America’s workforce working or roughly 74 million Americans, while 28% of Americans were told not to work during lockdowns. That’s a lot of people! The strange thing about this number is that it’s only the minority of workers, not the majority. How does that stop an infectious disease from spreading? Especially since masks don’t stop aerosol respiratory viruses. These points bring up some excellent questions that should not be overlooked!

  1. If Masks don’t stop respiratory aerosols particles, why were people forced to wear them?
  2. Why were people forced to stay out of work if masks don’t work?
  3. Why make people stay inside their homes if a cloth mask doesn’t keep the virus out?
  4. Why make a minority of the American workforce stop working rather than a majority if the virus was so contagious?
  5. What was this about?

The research shows that the actions taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 were completely unnecessary unless someone lived in an airtight facility or air tight suit. Unfortunately, the damage done by the hysteria propagated by the few, numbers in the billions; fiscally speaking. Many people couldn’t even afford to pay their bills as they were left without work during the state mandated lockdowns. Why? Why place people in a state of financial desperation because of faulty policy? It should go without saying that America exists as a place where a person is allowed to pursue their happiness free from government tyranny. Why then, were their rights stripped away by something that shouldn’t have done so in the first place?

Lincoln once said, “[The United States is] the last best hope of earth”. This is because it’s a country that has widely been hated by the communist movement and it’s followers because of the threat it poses to the effort to create a one world government. This movement has tried to infiltrate every country with it’s one world government pawns. They’ve revealed their agenda through the democratic party and even some republican politicians. The politics carried out by these individuals has been dedicated to bending the United States to the will of foreign countries like China and Corporate tyrants that want dominion over everything. They absolutely despise the Bill of Rights and America’s protection of those inalienable rights endowed by the Creator; not the government or a select few. 

To this end, it would seem that their actions during the so-called Covid-19 pandemic aren’t surprising. They leapt at the opportunity to impose their will over the American people in any way they could however they could. Such as with corrupt CDC recommendations/mandates and imposing statewide lockdowns that severely hurt the American economy. Unfortunately, these actions weren’t even the least of their crimes. Indeed, the actions taken by these politicians and public health officials led to Americans being forced to be injected with substances otherwise known as Covid-19 vaccines in order to be allowed to remove their masks or even something as simple as moving freely around their state. Though the data showed and suggested there was no reason to impose restrictions on the American people in the first place, the CDC health leaders and the politicians imposing heavy restrictions went with their own narrative anyway. They went against empirically proven research which objectively told them they were wrong. Outright! 

Those vaccines Americans were mandated to take in order to be re-granted their freedoms are reported to cause severe health problems, despite allegedly being tested. In some cases it was even argued that covid-19 vaccines should require identification. This egregious violation of human rights doesn’t stop there though. In some cases, reports have been documented of magnets sticking to injection wounds on Americans who took the vaccine. If this is true, why would medical professionals stick metal inside their vaccines? What’s the health benefit to that?

It should go without saying that the covid-19 vaccines are unsafe. The fact that they are mandatory for mask removal or even moving around a state should make it abundantly clear that the general public should resist those vaccines however they can. These actions being taken to subdue and make the people suffer are inherently wrong! They restrict and violate the free will of our fellow Americans. In order to stop those selfish few from gaining totalitarian control over the people and creating an enslaved one world governed system, Americans must peacefully recognize that these ill-advised mandates and poorly informed policy decisions are an illusion which should face push back in litigation. 

In this way, the United States and her citizens can keep their god given freedom without having them taken away by those who only care about themselves. The United States exists as a symbol of freedom for all people no matter their race, religion, or creed. There is no country on earth that respects the human condition like this one. My fellow Americans, I implore you! Reject the tyrannical policies issued by your governments and walk freely in your homeland knowing that the Bill of Rights made by your founding fathers, will always protect your rights endowed to you by the creator. 

God Bless This Country! And God Bless You For Making Her What She Is! In The Light Of The World To Come. Amen!

For more information on what this tyrannical few has tried to do to America and the world, please download this free eBook; written by a true American Patriot!

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The more who see this document the better the United States will be! And so too will the world be better off for it.

God Bless You, Patriot!

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