December 4, 2022

Seven Months Of Chaos And A President Who Doesn’t Exist!

“Chaos” is the easiest word that can be used to describe the leadership and policies of the Biden Administration thus far. Their actions have brought harm, hysteria, and struggle to almost everything that’s been touched by them. The United States economy is slowly getting weaker because of the lack of diligence placed on their spending practices. For example, the southern border has been so swamped with the influx of immigrants that ICE can’t keep up with those arrivals. What’s worse, the administration halted the expansion of the border wall in the south which helped to protect American citizens. The Biden administration’s reputation with the United States economy is embarrassing because it treats American citizens like their livelihoods don’t matter. Such as with the Keystone pipeline, which was cancelled the moment Joe Biden assumed the Presidency. This action stopped over 70,000 American jobs and made hard working Americans unable to support their families. These selfish actions aren’t ones rooted in protecting the American worker or the economy, they are rooted in greed and corruption. 

Truly, the corrupt dealings of this weak and feckless leader are something to behold. His national actions have left many situations worse than they were before. In order to pass his massive spending package of 3.5 trillion dollars, the Biden administration will increase taxes on corporations and American citizens in order to pay for the spending spree. This flies in the face of the tax cuts that the Trump administration set in motion during 2017 and severely hurts the economic gains that Americans citizens make due to unnecessary spending and tax increases. What’s worse, this spending spree does very little for infrastructure as it was claimed to be about and focuses more on things which don’t really need as much funding as they’re getting; instead of giving that money to bridges, roadways, sewers, and drainage systems. That money would be put to much better use, since hurricane IDA collapsed New York City structures and structures all across the United States.

This gross expenditure of money on fields which don’t require so much is troubling because it only raises national debt and increases American taxes to cover for the expenditure. On top of spending, President Biden ceased the Texas governor’s desperate order to build the border wall running along Texas. The sheer chaos of the migrants trying to flood in through the southern border is an issue that deserves stronger security. And yet, the President wants to bring every migrant in without vetting them for criminal history. A Border wall would be an excellent asset to halt any threats that could linger past the border. Unfortunately, President Biden refuses the most logical solution to the problem. Indeed, the amount of drug imports over the southern border have increased dramatically since Biden took office, with Fentanyl, a Chinese drug, being chief among that list. This drug is incredibly fatal at small doses and should be met with swift and rigid action to stop it from harming American citizens. Yet it isn’t under this administration. 

When it came to international affairs, Biden’s actions literally went against the best interests of our country. He lifted sanctions on Iran, allowed the human rights violations of China to continue without sanctions, and withdrew our forces from Afghanistan which allowed the Taliban to take its capital city.

In all sincerity, the actions taken by this President are not of one who cares for the American people, but of a corporate puppet that seeks to further his master’s hidden agenda, by destroying the United States on the inside; under the guise of a feckless old man with a weak mind. 

The man known as Joe Biden has no right to hold office and has been connected to the most fraudulent election victory in American history. The events and horrific incidents which have occurred in his wake over the last seven months should come as no surprise to those who have been paying attention. The man who currently holds office cares only for his master’s will, not the will of the people. This illegitimate President deserves to not only be impeached, but court martialed for failure to do his job as President of the United States of America. The freedom and safety of all Americans is the number one priority of being President and Joe Biden has failed to perform his duty as commander in chief. 

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