March 20, 2023

The Consequences Of Mismanaging Middle Eastern Countries And A Wake Up Call For All Americans!

The United States experience in the middle east has been one of “the snake eating its own tail”. Ever since 9/11, the military presence in the middle east has been stopping threats that have been seemingly never ending. On other occasions the United States was even responsible for arming those threats. Now that the threats have been slowly diminishing to the point where a United States presence is no longer required, efforts have been made to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The Trump administration had a very robust and strategic plan in place that would have gradually removed troops from the middle east so as to preserve the strength of the Afghan military and Police force. Unfortunately, with the presence of the Biden administration, the plan to gradually remove Troops was thrown away in order to pull them all out sloppily. This egregious action allowed insurgent forces like the Taliban to invade Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. This is exactly what the Trump administration was trying to avoid

The Biden Administration’s actions are incredibly under-planned and put the lives of thousands of Americans in danger. An excellent example of the danger of this fiasco would be the billions of dollars in sophisticated weaponry left by the United States . The Taliban who are currently trying to occupy Kabul now have access to this weaponry. No lie! That’s Real! 

Despite this incredible blunder, the Biden administration is more concerned over Covid-19 vaccinations than rescuing Americans from the middle of Afghanistan. His behavior toward this situation has been incredibly curious because it reeks of someone who doesn’t even want to acknowledge the disaster. For instance, images could be seen of Afghans trying to climb onto military planes in order to escape their home country. Instead of openly acknowledging the horrifying scenes of the United States leaving Kabul, the President shrugged off any such instance as he explained how he wound down one of the longest wars in American history. Unfortunately, this effort was done with rash action and no apparent plan in place. His lack of consideration or care for those still in Afghanistan is telling because thousands of Americans are still waiting to leave. 

Indeed, the rapid pull out issued by the Biden administration demonstrates a lack of knowledge and awareness for the stability of the Afghan military and police force as well. Indeed, it’s an entity “rife with corruption and weak on performance”. To allow it to manage the country without supervision from the United States is a foolish action which led to the Taliban invading Kabul. If this terrorism is allowed to spread further into the region, it could be costly for the people of that country and their freedoms.

Furthermore, the Americans trapped in Afghanistan deserve better leadership than that which was given by President Biden and his administration. Truly, this administration’s track record for administering policy both foreign and domestic has been horrendous. From the poor handling of the southern border, the canceling of the XL pipeline, the jobs of Americans that were lost, and now the thousands of Americans still left in Afghanistan, the Biden administration has routinely shown a lack of competency that is rarely ever seen in the Oval Office. If these actions prove anything, it’s that President Biden should be impeached for failing to serve his country in a way that actually benefits the American people rather than his own self interests or those of his party. The United States is a country that is ruled by the people, not one person. This idea is what this country was founded on and one which will continue to stand the test of time into eternity. In the light of the world to come.

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