January 30, 2023

The Curious Effort of United States Foreign Policy Under The Biden Administration!

The foreign policy of the Biden administration has been incredibly lenient on the world stage. Foreign countries like Canada, Mexico, and Iran have been given more freedom to pursue selfish or unethical interests in pursuit of goals which don’t actually better their citizens, such as the new Iranian Nuclear deal that the Biden administration is trying to give to Iran. If they get this deal, they will pose a threat to not just their citizens, but the earth as well. Another country of incredible contention on the world stage at this point in history is China, who has done nothing but try to conquer neighboring nations. Their efforts to flex their power over others has been disgraceful to all the good humanity has accomplished and should not go without being met with swift and decisive action. 

Taiwan in particular has been a major target of Chinese conquest for decades and has never ceased to be on their list of nations to control. The Biden administration has yet to formally address the issue with China and Taiwan, but United States officials have explained that they would honor the 1979 Taiwan Relations act and maintain sufficient defense capabilities in Taiwan without getting involved directly. Perhaps even more concerning is the warpath China is on. China, even after decades of co-existing with the Taiwanese government has begun to heavily militarize with the intent of invading Taiwan due to their long held belief that Taiwan is part of mainland China, which has never been the case. It’s excellent that the United States delegation that was sent to Taiwan has demonstrated that the United States supports Taiwanese independence, but more remains to be seen about the United States foiegn policy effort in regard to dealing with China.

The Chinese Communist Party of China has gone on a rampage of human rights violations for decades and should be called out on their crimes against humanity. One such human rights violation which has been going on for over a decade is China’s imprisonment of Muslim minorities in Concentration camps. Though China refuses to acknowledge them as such, the aim of these camps is to tackle poverty and religious extremism. It has been estimated that there are over 1 million people imprisoned in over 380 facilities across western China. Those people have faced unspeakable horrors inside those camps and shouldn’t be left to suffer in a way that resembles that of Nazi Germany. This practice is a violation of the free will of their people and should be heavily punished by the world stage. It’s an insidious practice that should be met with justice.

Aside from Concentration camps, China has also tried to manipulate world trade in their favor. Under the Trump administration, trade was conducted in such a way that it could balance out the currency differences among the United States and China so as to not place the United States in such a large deficit. The free trade agreements passed on by former presidents has made woke American companies source their industry out to China, where slave labour laws do not exist and chinese items are made by slave labor. The United States should focus more heavily on shifting it’s industry away from China so as to not give it’s economy more strength over the global GDP. What’s more, the lack of an american presence in the Chinese industrial market, would stop feeding it’s expanding military, which sources from Chinese companies. 

It is the opinion of this author that the Biden administration should focus on placing strategic sanction on the Chinese economy in order to quell it’s it’s ever growing dictatorship and rapidly growing military. The people of China, regardless of their beliefs or ethnicity don’t deserve to face harm from those who don’t care for their people. It’s a disturbing practice that needs to end. Finally, it’s important for the United States to make its influence felt on the negotiating table in order to stop the thievery of American industry from foreign countries and bringing back American labor. Though the world stage absolutely matters, the people of the United States should always be the top priority of any Presidential administration.

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