April 2, 2023

The Horrors That Come with Mismanagement of the Southern Border Crisis!

The southern border is one of the most important points of entry into the United States and unfortunately one of the greatest points of criminal activity in the United States as well. Desperate Central and Southern american families try their hardest to make their way into the United States every year, and they resort to using the help of traffickers called Coyotes for assistance. Coyotes typically transport women and children across the southern border so their kids can have a chance at a better life in America, though illegal it is. These people, those Coyotes, while they may sometimes honestly try to transport women and children over to find a new home, also use the people they caravan as sex trafficking pawns. It goes without saying that Human sex trafficking is an issue that should be met with swift and decisive action in order to stop more lives from being taken.

 In 2017, it was estimated that over 40 million people were victims of modern slavery in the world. In Mexico, it’s estimated that anywhere from 16,000 to 20,000 children are trafficked from Mexico each year, with the United States Southern border being a prime target for their trafficking. Unironically, California and Texas are prime targets for Coyotes and sex traffickers to make their way through in to the United States. Indeed, it’s been estimated that nearly 400,000 people entered the country illegally in 2018. Unfortunately, with the ever impending migrant caravan that is coming up from the southern and central america’s it’s concerning to think about just what could be heading for our country. Though parents use Coyotes to send their children across the border, they can likewise wind up as pawns for sex trafficking rings. It’s no exaggeration to say that the migrants coming to the United States at this point in time could very well have these terrible people among them. What’s worse, the Biden Administration has made the control at the border significantly worse than the Trump administration. Whereas Trump had resolved to finish the border wall, Biden openly admitted that he would cease the construction of the Borderwall in order to allow people to cross over the border.

This disturbing disagreement in southern border wall philosophy is egregious because it leaves the country vulnerable to the horrors that may come from the caravans that enter unregulated. While it’s true that many families are processed through the southern border by ICE each year, it’s also true that the massive caravans that enter contain some very disturbing individuals who should not be allowed to enter our country unprocessed. While there are some who simply transport people for the sake of getting them into the country. Others literally traffick children for the sake of selling them to slavery or for sex. There are steps which should be take in order to stop the human trafficking from becoming even worse. 

On the one hand, it’s highly encouraged that the Biden administration continue construction of the United States southern border wall in order to stop Coyotes from entering our country without permission. On another, it’s highly encouraged that ICE and other government agencies crack down on human smuggling and any other form of trafficking in order to keep American communities safe; and by extension foreign countries like Mexico. It’s a pressing issue which demands overwhelming, immediate action as well as tough and highly meticulous policy to overcome.

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