January 30, 2023

The Middle East, Abraham Accords, and Why The Trump Administration’s Policies Should Be Continued!

The conflicts that have decimated the middle east are something that can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to persist. Millions of middle eastern people have fallen prey to these disagreements and these corporate wars that have come as a by-product of pure terrorism. Millions of people and 17 countries were and are indeed still suffering from the actions of those who wish to take power and selfishly influence others for their own personal gain. Whether it was the invasion of Kuwait, Iraq, or Afghanistan, the violence persists and the blood shed continues with each passing United States presidency in the last few decades. Especially with the Bush administration. It wasn’t until the Trump administration that the conflicts in the middle east began to dwindle and dissipate under the strength of the United States and the decisive action of those who want peace. 

Even better than swift military action, the Trump administration created the Abraham accords for middle eastern countries to get along with each other. The Trump administration’s efforts for attaining peace in the middle east are extraordinary and deserve to be remembered. Additionally, the Abraham accords, are an excellent example of a method that works in the middle east without needless violence. The idea is to create long term relationships through the union of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel as they’ve worked through issues that have divided the middle east on more than one occasion. Iran was another wild card that the accords tried to rectify because those aforementioned countries union around the need to defend themselves from Iranian mal-intent. The Iranian regime has become ever more hostile over the course of the last few decades and its nuclear program is something of a massive concern for the middle east and the rest of the world. In addition to the Iranian threat, the Palestinian cause was a motivating factor in the Abraham accords because it showed that the middle east was attempting to look past disagreements over control in an effort to maintain everyone’s safety.

The Trump administration has gone above and beyond the call to maintain peace and stability around the world compared to his predecessors. Rather than initiate war in the middle east like H.W. Bush, Clinton, or W. Bush, Trump never started a new war. The Biden administration has tried numerous times to aggravate the situation in the region by initiating air strikes on militia groups that are suspected to work for Iran. Iran, the hostile administration that was put into place by the United States. So far, the Trump administration is the only administration that’s tried to truly do something about stopping it. With peace agreements and unifying the Middle East against hostility. Whether it be defying pushes for new territory or efforts to weaken other nations. 

The continuation of Trump policy in maintaining stability in the Middle east is the best way to ensure the future of the people who live there. The Biden administration is set on returning the Iran nuclear deal that was taken away from them after it was discovered they were trying to build nuclear weapons. The Iran administration, with it’s history of terrorism, should not be allowed to posses fissile material, unless people want more destruction. This author highly recommends that the Biden administration follow the lead of the Trump administration in order to keep peace in the middle east and not enable terrorism.

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