April 2, 2023

The Ongoing Crisis At The Southern Border And Tactics For What Should Be Done!

The crisis at the southern border is an issue that hasn’t stopped from the moment the Biden administration took office. An issue as old as the founding of the nation itself, the incoming immigrants be it illegal or legal is a problem that requires rigid focus, determination, and an efficient vetting system. The will of the people is such that the country should be aware of the presence of the incoming immigrants because they disrupt the balance of the country when they aren’t vetted. Unfortunately, this has not turned out to be the case, as millions of Americans are being kept in the dark as to the real issue occurring there. The crisis has only gotten worse since Biden took office and it looks like this crisis won’t improve without decisive action.

On the topic of the will of the people, the citizens of the United States have a right to know just what is entering into our country. Illegal immigrants mixed in with caravans enter through this country by the thousands. Among them, are people who are sex traffickers, coyotes, or drug traffickers. They are the most dangerous people to enter the United States and the people deserve to have a right to know what’s going on at the southern border. Just this year alone, there have been over 100,000 arrests conducted by border patrol. Which is less than the Trump administration’s southern border arrests during his four years in office. This is likely due in part to the lack of border security this year with the Biden Administration than during the Trump administration. 

Perhaps the biggest issue with the illegal border crossings are the cartels that run through them. Scenes like three dozen immigrants crossing the border in a U-Haul with temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit with people suffering from heat stroke are disturbing to say the least. The criminal cartels which operate outside of the border, control who enters and who leaves. In an interview with Elizabeth MacDonald on the Fox Business show, “The Evening Edit”, former U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan stated,

We stopped that surge [of criminal cartels during the Trump administration]. Because, we built deterrence facilities. We had a system of consequence and deterrence.  We detained people. Made them see a judge. 90% lost, we put them on an airplane and sent them home. And the numbers went down. [Under the Biden Administration], they are doing the complete opposite. Now, they are not detaining people. They are releasing them as quickly as they can. They’re being released without court dates. They’re not seeing a judge. And ICE can’t remove criminal aliens any more, they are no longer the priority. [The Biden administration] is doing the complete opposite of what they know will stop that surge.

Fox Business, “The Evening Edit” with Elizabeth MacDonald. Featuring Former U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director, Thomas Homan

So what should be done? It goes without saying that the Biden administration should return to the Trump administration’s method for handling criminal activity over the border and focus on increasing ICE security at every station. No stone should be left unturned! Illegal immigrants should be assigned to see a Judge in order to effectively process them. The Border security of this nation ensures that this nation actually stays a sovereign nation, and it should be protected at all costs. 

Above all else, the Southern Border wall must be constructed! It was a brilliant tactic done by the Trump administration and the design of the wall was an excellent choice. Just recently, the Texas governor, Greg Abbot, allocated 250 million dollars as a down payment to the construction of the southern border wall which is a good start, but more money must be added to the wall in order to complete it as soon as humanly possible. The 1 billion dollar southern border wall budget proposed by Governor Abbot is an excellent example of the steps being taken by Texas in order to ensure our nation’s security. The criminal activity at the border should be the priority!

More importantly! Why hasn’t President Biden or Vice President Harris made their way to the southern border to assess the situation? It’s their duty as leaders of this great nation to lead from the front. Sitting behind closed doors at Washington D.C. is without question, one of the worst decisions a leader could make when a migrant crisis is ever growing at the border. This lackluster behavior is not what is to be expected of a leader and should be corrected immediately. 

The crisis at the southern border is one that should have been met with strong leadership and efficient practice by southern border security like ICE otherwise known as U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement. To strangle ICE’s ability to zero in on and arrest practically every kind of criminal activity at the border is harmful to the citizens of this great nation and should be rectified without hesitation. This country and its people deserve much stronger leadership with borders that filter out the criminals and illegal activity that permeates through it while also providing a safe haven for migrants with good backgrounds. 

Finally, the people have a right to know what’s happening at our Southern Border! ICE should be allowed to operate without restrictions in stopping the crime on the southern border and the Border wall should be completed without delay to protect and preserve the freedom of this great nation. 

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