January 30, 2023

The Ongoing Immigration Crisis and The Lack of Ethics At The Southern Border!

In continuation from the last Immigration piece posted on this site, recent news has come out that only serves to reinforce why the Biden Administration’s handling of families at the Southern Border should place a heavier emphasis protecting the border than simply letting every immigrant through whether they are legal or not. One of the biggest problems with migrant caravans is the influx of potential immigrants and the horrifying people that may travel with them, like Coyotes, Cartel members, or sex traffickers. The influx of migrants has exponentially increased over the past 20 years to record highs. For example, the migrant cases in February of 2021 were at a high of over 19,246, whereas the number of migrants in February of 2020 was 7,117. This overflow of migrants is incredibly concerning because it’s an effort based upon the Biden Administrations weak southern borders policies. While the Trump administration’s policies were strict but fair; letting children be adopted by kind and loving american families and processing the parents from the Coyotes, the Biden administration would rather take everyone in without a more efficient process. 

In recent months, video footage was shown of migrant children being contained inside plastic tents because of covid. The most alarming thing about this practice is that the media was skimping out on actually showing the public this form of containing migrants. By comparison, the Trump administration was perfectly open with showing what effect the zero tolerance policy was having on the protection of the United States southern border. Instead of being straightforward and open about their practices, the Biden administration refused to show the conditions in which their kids were staying in greater detail aside from what was seen. The overflow has gotten so bad that Biden has even given 86 million dollars to secure hotel rooms for illegal immigrants on the southern border.

The Biden administration has been carelessly lenient with the amount of illegals that make it into this country. The Trump administration on the other hand, was a lot more efficient and effective with the migrants that crossed the border. Under Trump, not only was the construction of a border wall mandated, but the children that traveled with their parents were separated at the border and put in containment facilities where they were processed. With this system there were many american families who happily took those children under their wing and allowed them to experience the american dream. Though the process wasn’t perfect, it at least allowed some struggling parents to rest assured knowing that their children could thrive in a better place, with a safer upbringing. Sadly, the Trump administration was slandered by the Liberal media industrial complex when they ridiculed it for placing kids in cages. However, the pictures they used were from the Obama administration in 2014. This hypocrisy is truly one of a kind because it highlights the blatant double standard the Liberal media holds when someone they want in power takes office. For example, the Biden administration’s use of plastic tents is getting no coverage by the liberal media, despite being significantly worse than cages. This insidious monopoly on media is dangerous because it allows for heinous crimes to go unnoticed; even though they should be called out. Such as placing kids in harsh, cramped, hot, and bacteria ridden plastic enclosures. It goes without saying, that those migrants deserve to be treated better!

Under Trump policy, the border was more secure than ever before. The construction of a border wall was perfect for allowing ICE to perform their job better because they could cover less ground. The less people who can illegally enter means the more people who can be vetted. The more people who can be vetted, means the less potential for crime in the United States. In comparison to the Biden administration, the Trump administrations border policy goes well above what Biden is doing. Though parent child separations are seemingly harsh, ICE has captured many sex traffickers and coyotes because of these practices. To this end, limiting entries and controlling the potential hazards for crime that could enter the United States is the greatest way to ensure American safety and a better future.

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