March 20, 2023

The United States Needs To Put An End To Terrorism!

The awful practice of terrorism is means to gain power that’s plagued the developed world for decades. Whether for global conquest, religious extremism, or financial gain it’s motives are sinister to their core. In recent years, terrorism has taken a back seat to the Trump administration and it’s policies. His presidency took on the policy of “peace through strength” because it snapped the world into line during his 4 years. Difficult regimes like Iran, China, or North Korea reciprocated with his presidency by not engaging in violent conflicts. What’s more, United States soil hadn’t felt safer in decades as no known attacks had occurred on American turf during Trump’s watch. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the Biden administration. Under his watch, the Iranian regime has been able to regain its nuclear deal, Palestine has launched rockets at Israel, and the eastern oil pipeline of the United States was hacked by ransomware which forced it to shut down. How the peace and stability created by the Trump presidency was ruined so quickly by the Biden administration is a mystery. Regardless, the fact of the matter is that the aforementioned issues all share a common denominator. They are acts which either are or could lead to more terrorism. 

For instance, by allowing Iran to continue with its nuclear program, the Biden administration has all but assured that it will continue to develop fissionable nuclear material, not just for energy, but for weapons as well, which means they can attack major cities across the world. 

Secondly, only 4 months into the Biden administration, Palestinian militant groups outside of Israel launched seven missiles into the country. This conflict has harmed many people on the Gaza strip both Israeli’s and Palestinians alike. This chaos started with a terror attack from a Palestinian militant group. Acts of violence like those of this Palestinian group are always done with the end goal of attaining more power for themselves and should be looked down upon by the rest of the world. Despite this, Trump’s administration made it so that militant groups in Palestine stayed away from Israel, they are becoming much more aggressive under President Biden because of his weak leadership. 

Third, terrorism, no matter which region it resides in, should not be tolerated and should be met with appropriate force to subdue the threat. In addition to foreign countries suffering from terrorism, the Biden administration allowed ransom hackers to cease operation of the largest oil pipeline in the United States. The hackers received 5 million dollars payment from the company and in return, gave them back access to the pipeline. One of the biggest problems with this scenario is that the hackers were allowed to get away without facing American justice. Their actions stopped millions of Americans from getting gas across the eastern portion of the United States and increased the price of gas by a wide margin. It can easily be argued that the efforts done to stop the hackers by the United States government were careless, lackadaisical and required more action if the hackers were to be stopped.

Based on the above, it’s clear that the world has become more chaotic since Donald Trump stepped down. The acts of terror that are seen across the world in both the United States and Middle East are a clear sign that foreign actors know that they can get away with more now that Trump is no longer in office. In order for this hostility and abuses of power to ease, the Biden administration needs to crack down on this behavior with the force necessary to send a message that the United States and the rest of the world won’t be pushed around by those that seek to harm others for personal gain.

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