January 30, 2023

What Do You Do With A Weak Economy And A Virus With No Origins?

In Loving Memory Of Our Veterans. Happy Memorial Day!

In the initial days of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, precautions were taken to ensure that the virus would not harm the global population to any extreme measure with lockdowns, social distancing, and mask wearing. What’s more, the lack of a fully functioning economy left many American workers in need of financial support. This brought forth the use of Covid-19 relief packages by the Trump administration and Congress in order to help the average American with financial hardship. Multiple relief packages were sent out to fight a virus that had the entire world shivering with fear. Nobody knew where it came from, but everyone was convinced that it could harm them if they weren’t careful, so they followed the orders of their leaders and they stayed home.

This curious virus affected the American way of life in all the ways it really never should have, like the state of the United States economy. Though the first month off from Covid-19 was a break that few Americans saw coming, it became tiring when the break lasted longer than expected. People were ready to get back to work. Unfortunately, many of them were let go or had lost their jobs because of the hit the economy took from the Covid-19 safety measures. Though these safety measures were questionable, the harsher aspect of the precautions taken was the lack of financial support given to them by the United States government during that time. 

During the lockdowns of the first half of 2020, only 72% of Americans were allowed to work because they were considered “essential” while 28% of all Americans were told to stay home to stop the spread of the virus. While this author hopes that you as the reader can understand that placing roughly 1/4th of your work force on the sideline to stop a virus doesn’t make sense considering the bulk of the workforce was still allowed to roam around during lockdown. The bigger issue here is that that’s over 28 million Americans who were left with no job. These were the people who heavily depended upon the IRS to grant them their stimulus check to help them, but found that they couldn’t receive any stimulus money for assistance despite waiting months, as of January 7th, 2021. Where could these funds possibly have gone? What could be more important than the people who were told they couldn’t work?

It goes without saying that the government should be focused on getting these people paid. Unfortunately, once Biden took over, spending more government money on less important things became the priority. Such was the case with his most recent 6 trillion dollar spending bill. Instead of focusing on helping the people with their stimulus payments, this spending bill places heavy emphasis on free college, free pre-K, and “infrastructure”. This is without question, one of the larger spending bills the United States has ever produced since World War II, but it doesn’t focus on the things that need to be prioritized like those who never got their stimulus. Such was the case of Rachel Flanagan who is a New Hampshire resident. She wanted to use the stimulus to pay off some bills and feed her two children, but it never came. This lack of consideration for the people who were greatly disparaged by the Covid-19 lockdown is incredible, since this fiasco of a problem has gone on for over a year. 

Curiously, the virus which started this fiasco still has the origins of its inception, a giant mystery with the exception of the first reported case coming from China. Other than that, it left many people curious as to where it came from. If not least of which being the lack of investigatory cooperation from China. Though there are many people who would claim that Covid-19 came from nature; more specifically a bat, there is direct evidence to the contrary. There have been many studies done which have found that Covid-19 doesn’t have a “credible natural ancestor”. It also re-affirms what the multiple whistleblowers from China have been saying about the virus, which is that it was artificial and from a Wuhan Lab. But then, even with this information out in the open more investigation was required to get exact details on the nature of the leak. Like whether it was by accident or on purpose. This is why the Trump Administration opened up an investigation into the virology lab in Wuhan before he left office. Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris administration shut down this very investigation once it briefed them with a report in March of 2021. According to former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, “[China is] still engaged in this [virus research] at that very same laboratory. From what I’ve seen there have been no changes in the safety protocols there either.” This issue deserves to be investigated fully and thoroughly in order to preserve the lives of United States citizens and the rest of the world.

When you take all of this into account, you begin to see a bleak picture that slowly begins to portray a dangerous scenario. It’s unknown how Covid-19 was released from the Wuhan laboratory or why it was made, but the harm it’s caused the world is very clear. Furthermore, the economic struggle that this man made virus has caused is incredible to say the least. The United States government sent 28% of the American workforce into unemployment and forced them to subsist on stimulus checks during the Covid-19 lockdown. Incredibly, the unemployment payment amount was even raised to amounts as high as 800 dollars in some states, providing people with a literal incentive not to go back to work. Why? When unemployment is set so that you earn more at home than at work, why bother to work at all? This act of raising unemployment money so people remain home permanently could easily be a ploy for potential democratic candidates to get more voters for future presidential elections. If so, it’s terrible, and those responsible should see repercussions for their actions. Since it only rigs future elections in their favor by crippling society with people who do absolutely nothing.

Bottom line, this is a problem that won’t be solved with spending 6 trillion dollars of the United States treasury’s money. It’s a problem that will be solved by sending people back to work! Their lives matter! Based on this, it would seem evident that the Biden-Harris administration should redirect it’s priorities away from creating free college programs that increase national debt and focus more towards getting the average American back to work, so they don’t have to live off unemployment permanently.

The exact reason for why Covid-19 was released from the Wuhan lab is unknown but it seems abundantly clear that further investigation needs to be done into the nature of this virus. Along with the why and how behind it’s release. In doing so, the risk of a future outbreak can be stopped so as to not let something as dangerous as Covid-19 ever happen again.

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