January 30, 2023

What Does The Derek Chauvin Trial Mean For America? Anarchy Is Never The Answer!

The death of George Floyd was a tragedy that sparked outrage all across America. George Floyd was a Minneapolis resident who suffered from the pandemic financially. In a scenario that truly should never have happened, Mr. Floyd was caught by police giving counterfeit money to the convenience store that he usually purchases items from regularly. Unfortunately, the police caught him while intoxicated by substances outside of the store. One of the officers who responded, Derek Chauvin, placed his knee on George Floyd’s neck after he was uncooperative with the officers. After 7 minutes and 46 seconds of holding down Mr. Floyd by the neck, he died by suffocation on May 25th, 2020. During the time the Officer’s knee was on his neck, Mr. Floyd told them he couldn’t breathe. It goes without saying that this incident is awful and never should have occurred in the first place. However, with events like this, it’s important to let the law make an example out of those who did wrong so as to create methods for handling these situations in the future should they happen again. Sadly, the death of George Floyd didn’t end in people awaiting his trial, it ended in riots and billions of dollars in property damage. Not to mention thousands of livelihoods were harmed in the wake of this destruction. 

Despite this illegal and disgustingly criminal activity by the rioters and looters in the George Floyd protests, Derek Chauvin still needed to face justice for his crime, like any other man under the law. Approximately, 10 months after George Floyd’s death, his trial reached a verdict, and he was found guilty on all counts. Even though Mr. Chauvin is facing 12.5 years in prison because of this crime, the chaos wrought by the protestors over the summer has not ceased. If anything, their calls to action have only increased and intensified with time. 

Why is Derek Chauvin’s time in prison not enough for those people? What’s terrifying about this trial is that one of Mr. Chauvin’s defense witnesses were threatened with death. Perhaps something even scarier, is the prospect that democratic political leaders had taken the Derek Chauvin case and reached a verdict on their own, like President Biden, who claimed to fully support the prosecution of this man. Before the trial had even begun it was clear that many Floyd protestors had reached a verdict themselves. Without question, it’s become clear that this trial was never about giving Mr. Floyd justice, it was about using it as a means to an end to further political power for democratic politicians and those behind them. Just like Mr. Floyd’s death was used to create chaos. Immediately, this should raise red flags for any American citizen because it demonstrates something about where this country could be going. Into Anarchy! Which is Unacceptable!

Intimidating defense witnesses and deciding the direction and meaning of a trial before it’s concluded show just what the trial means to those with an agenda. A means to grab more power! That’s all it ever was to them. For instance, instead of this trial occurring for a police officer who did something he shouldn’t it’s now a matter of race, despite that never being the case in the initial encounter. Which was an unfortunate incident originally. And even then, rather than let the issue end with the guilty verdict of Officer Chauvin, just like the death of George Floyd, it’s become a point of creating more chaos in America rather than ending it. The actions of those in power are disgraceful and it only serves to reaffirm why Americans must avoid being intimidated by anarchical practices like riots in New York or anywhere else in the country. Regardless of the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial, it should be clear to everyone that a country ruled and intimidated by the mob is never the way to go. Their anarchy isn’t the answer! It’s disrespectful to George Floyd and Derek Chauvin all the same as it only brings shame to this country and their names.

Fair, Just, and Impartial trials are the way to go. This country was never meant to be ruled by Tyrants and their Mobs!

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