January 30, 2023

What Should A Leader Do With Foreign Agitators And A World That’s Watching?

The ability for a leader to hold the line on the varying risks to the safety of others is an admirable quality. Though it’s consistency may vary, these issues are ever present and deserve a leader who is sharp, razor honed, and focused on the task of preserving the lives of the people. With that said, the politics surrounding the United States and the world stage have been shaky during the first few months of the year 2021. There was much turmoil in places like the middle east with Hamas firing on Israel, Iran getting sanctions lifted by President Biden, and Tyrannical regimes like the Chinese Communist Party who are becoming more aggressive with their political decisions. This whirlpool of potential chaos shouldn’t be met with in-action. Especially since these threats exist on a global scale. The actions of the United States president at this point in our lives matters now more than ever!

A weak hand on the world stage means danger for any of those a leader is sworn to protect and serve. The agitators of this day and age, like China and Iran need to be closely monitored in order to keep them from harming the people. In the case of the Chinese Communist Party, their actions militarily reek of an entity itching to acquire a territory that’s yearned for its independence for some time. The people of Taiwan, an island off the coast of China, have asked the United States for assistance many times in order to keep China from placing it under their control. On top of this aggression towards Taiwan, China’s military has been growing in martial ability for decades with obvious intention to throw their weight around on the world stage. Nobody wants a war to occur! Unfortunately, showing weakness by allowing China to get away with an artificial virus isn’t a smart foreign policy decision, either. The only thing it demonstrates is how appeasement leads to suffering if unchecked instead of enforcing “peace through strength”, just as Trump did. Under the Trump administration, the turmoil between the United States and China was kept at bay with strong foreign policy and a great deal of focus on balanced economic activity. He never let up! 

The Chinese Communist Party is a regime that holds a strong desire to conquer the world and it can’t be allowed to do this. Trump knew that very well. The insidious acts that the Chinese have done to their citizens on their own soil is nothing short of an atrocity that needs to be stopped. To allow this very same terror to spread across the earth without being quelled is a disservice to the office that any leader holds. Peace Through Strength is a wise policy which has to be followed by the United States in order to stop any further violence from occurring across the world from the Chinese Communist Party.

On the topic of Terror, lifting sanctions on Iran is incredibly unwise and could lead to devastating consequences in the United States and abroad. This was an issue that the Trump administration tackled with his Peace Through Strength policy because there was a plethora of evidence that Iran was developing weapons of mass destruction by over-producing at their nuclear refining facilities. The Trump administration stopped this process by getting out of the Iran nuclear deal and placing over 1000 sanctions on the Iran energy sector. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has done the opposite of what Trump did and is currently attempting to lift sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program through a policy of “good faith” by letting Iran become partially unsanctioned. It goes without saying that this is very unwise as it could lead to weapons of mass destruction being produced. This careless policy of trusting those who haven’t earned your trust in the first place is foolish leadership that needs to be corrected.

Based on the above, it’s the opinion of this author that the Biden Administration must be tougher on the foreign actors outside of the United States if world peace is to be preserved. The actions of Hamas on Israel, the ferocious behavior China is demonstrating, and the lifting of Iranian nuclear sanctions would never have happened under the Trump administration. Under Trump, the world was a much safer place because irritable foreign actors knew to stay in line or suffer punishment from the United States because of their misconduct. With the Biden administration, it’s important to recognize that the world needs the United States to have strong hands on these foreign actors so they don’t jeopardize the safety of United States citizens and the people of the world as well.

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