January 30, 2023

What Should Be Done With Leaders Who Can’t Keep Secrets?

Positions in government are never something to joke about and their work weighs heavily on the lives of others because of the influence they might yield. The responsibility is tremendous and it requires a level of maturity that is expected among people with a leadership position of any kind. This goes hand in hand with secret/intelligence keeping as well. The secrets that the government keeps, more often than not, are for the protection of the people. Those few that do get elected to political positions should fully understand the nature of their roles as someone elected by the people, for the people. Incredibly, it would seem that people in the Biden administration don’t agree with these values that define a strong leader.

Near the end of April 2021, Secretary of State John Kerry was caught allegedly sharing Israeli secrets with the Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zariff. In a leaked audio recording obtained by the New York Times, the foreign minister claimed that John Kerry kept in contact with him about over 200 covert Israeli operations occurring in Syria. John Kerry has denied the allegations of the leaked audio tapes but much remains to be answered about the nature of this encounter. Such as when exactly the conversation took place. What’s more, it should be noted that John Kerry was one of the few figures instrumental in organizing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal which would have made Iran a country capable of manufacturing nuclear weapons. If the evidence that was discovered by the New York Times turns out to be confirmed, it demonstrates an egregious abuse of power that the people granted him. What’s more, the exchange of secrets to our nation’s enemies is an act that places many lives on the line. It’s a disgraceful practice that deserves to be punished. 

The discrepancies, corruption, and other failings to come out of the Biden administration are blunt and right in the open. Their conduct in the executive branch of government has been nothing short of harmful to the United States and should be corrected for a better course. Deliberately handing ally secrets to those who are the enemy of the people, the republic, and the world should not be treated with a hand wave or taken lightly. This country and all of the people in it are precious and deserve better leadership than those who would sell off their safety for a profit. 

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