January 30, 2023

Buyer Beware: 5G And The Dangers Of Unresearched Technology!

Though every American is a fan of innovation because of the spirit of our nation, it’s a valid concern to recognize the possibility that some technologies need more testing or government intervention. Ever since the introduction of the cell phone, wireless radiation has been a growing concern in America and even the global market, in regard to the health hazards it would bring. The largest health concern that this new technology brings is cancer, since radiation is known to kill or mutate cells depending on the level of exposure. Whereas a lighter signal may travel for miles between cell phone towers with a strong connection, it doesn’t have to be that hazardous necessarily. That is 4G/LTE. This is the most current widespread signal available for cell phone providers and it has an incredible usefulness to the American people and abroad. It’s reliable, fast, and doesn’t require a cellphone tower every mile or less. Incredibly, there is a newer technology stronger than 4G, called 5G, which is expected to take center stage as the primary conduit for communication. Unfortunately, unlike 4G which is lighter in signal and less hazardous, 5G is more complicated in that it requires more cell towers because the signal is heavier. 

Though it can easily and undeniably be argued that 5G is more advanced than 4G it is a signal that is largely untested and potentially much more hazardous than 4G. As stated by one United States Senator:

“We’re Flying Blind!”

The 5G technology which is penetrating the market with the latest smartphone has never been fully tested and people, the consumers, are the guinea pigs to this hilarious joke of an experiment. Preliminary research on the harmful effects of cellphone signals has found that there is a growing dearth of evidence showing head and neck tumors. Curiously, on top of 5G, 4G isn’t as researched as it could be since the government has placed little emphasis on research. It’s a technology that’s been utilized by consumers for over a decade on top of that fact. Perhaps even worse, 5G has never been tested much like 4G, but it’s design is such that it’s effectively more of 4G, which places oxidative stress on living tissue and causes cancers and tumors to occur. The signal of 5G is so heavy in fact that it requires an antenna every couple hundred meters to effectively convey signal compared to 4G which has an antenna set for a mile at a clip, on average. Though both are “untested” it becomes obvious that 5G is simply more of a potentially harmful thing. Just from going off of 4G research from it’s 10 year existence has shown that long term exposure increases the health risk to the skin, the eyes, and the testes. 

It’s unknown when this particular technology will be researched, but the government’s behavior about 4G does not bode well for research into 5G, which is much more hazardous than 4G. As stated by one researcher:

“The range and magnitude of potential impacts of 5G technologies are under-researched, although important biological outcomes have been reported with millimeter-wavelength exposure. These include oxidative stress and altered gene expression, effects on skin, and systemic effects, such as on immune function

Emphasis in the original. It’s breathtakingly hard to consider that such a technology can be released out into the wild without testing. While billions of United States dollars are being funneled into places they shouldn’t be like gender studies programs in colleges, research could be done to ensure that 5G doesn’t over saturate the United States with harmful radiation that causes deadly cancers. Over 250 scientists have signed a petition that asks the United States government to halt the release of 5G technology so that it can be researched for public safety. Should the government actually follow through on this, it would undoubtedly save countless lives and improve them as well.

It is the opinion of this author that the United States government follow through on halting 5G release in order to further understand and refine it so as to keep the American people and the world, safe from harm.

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