December 5, 2022

Why Big Tech Isn’t Your Big Brother!

Freedom of speech is one of the pillars that hold up the integrity of this nation. Without it, your right to speak wouldn’t exist and the rulers of your nation could control what you say. The free flowing nature of ideas is literally predicated on the premise of free speech. If you take away someone’s ability to speak, then innovation and ideas can’t be seen or heard. What’s more, any information that may run in conflict with the agenda of the government would be censored were it not for the first amendment of the United States Constitution, Freedom of Speech. This concept, though incredible, is one that’s been debated for centuries, but most people feel it’s merits are obvious. If you have something on your mind, you should be allowed to speak without being silenced. It’s your right as a living being. Those who feel that your right to speak ends when their feelings are hurt don’t truly appreciate the gift they’ve been given in regard to free will. In many ways, this is one of the greatest battles of the 21st century. Free speech and censorship. 

In the modern day, communication can now be accomplished through privately owned digital platforms which can be carried out as instant as a physical conversation. However, these platforms can and have stopped the communication of others without their knowledge which is a violation of the first amendment. A basic human right. For the record, there is a difference between a call to action and the sharing of an opinion. A death threat is a violation of someone’s safety and warrants inspection by those who control the platform. An opinion is speech and an idea which is therefore protected under the first amendment. Unfortunately, the big tech platforms that operate out of silicon valley believe in something known as “hate speech” which is a violation of the first amendment. It’s a phrase that was made up in order to justify silencing the opinions of those that do not agree with their political views. Simply put, in the eyes of the constitution, hate speech doesn’t exist. They’ve used this as an excuse to shadow ban and delete the posts and discussions made by people they don’t agree with numerous times and show no signs of stopping their illegal practice. 

Most recently, certain Facebook posts hosting what were believed to be false Covid-19 data were flagged by the Whitehouse to be removed. Though these posts may have held conflicting information, they expressed opinions under the protection of the first amendment. For example, such was the case with posts related to the Wuhan Lab leak theory for the origins of Covid-19. Posts of that nature repeatedly got censored by Facebook before they were placed back up when “evolving” evidence emerged which gave the lab leak theory more credibility. Finally, social media companies have censored posts that try to explain why masks don’t work scientifically when it comes to airborne respiratory viruses. There is no science which objectively states that masks stop respiratory viruses. With that said, people have a right to voice their opinion about why this use of masks is moot. There are plenty of peer reviewed scientific studies which demonstrate how cloth masks and even N95 masks(the densest masks) don’t stop aerosol respiratory particles which can lazily float right through cotton weaves of masks. 

Bottom line, just because a post is disagreeable doesn’t mean it should be censored. This monopoly on speech that the tech giants possess is very concerning because thought can enter into existence and disappear at the drop of a hat if it conflicts with someone else’s world views. Unfortunately, the White House isn’t stopping this insidious practice. Quite the opposite, they encourage it. The Biden administration has been encouraging Facebook to remove posts that might conflict with other information in regard to Covid-19 instead of simply flagging the posts as potential spam. This practice runs in conflict with the first amendment and is heavily looked down upon by the American people. In order to respect the rights of every American, future posts which may have content that might disagree with what others think should simply be flagged as spam. The freedom of thought and speech is something that must be cherished and protected at all costs in order to preserve the values of this republic. Without them, it may not stand for another 250 years as it already has because no one will be able to speak their mind.

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