March 20, 2023

Why The Biden Administration Has Abused America!

Over the past 8 months, America has been placed under the boot heel of a man who cares not for his country and only for himself. His track record for policy both foreign and domestic has been appalling. No matter where you look you will find Americans angered by the actions of the Biden administration as they relate to the state of the country. In just the first few weeks of his administration, Joe Biden has single handedly opened up the southern border to illegal immigrants, canceled a project worth thousands of good paying American jobs, and much more. Traditionally, when a president enters the oval office, they are supposed to improve the country they inherit, not make it worse off than before. Yet, that’s exactly what he did. 

From the very beginning, Biden and his administration set out on a rampage of tearing up and tearing down the work of the Trump administration. Which includes the immigration policies that were enforced, the construction of the southern border wall, and Union jobs like the XL pipeline. In many ways it really seems like they put the rest of the world before Americans which is unacceptable when that leader was appointed by those people. For example, Biden cancelled over 70,000 jobs with the cancelling of the XL pipeline. This is incredibly off putting because he was advertised as a pro-union president. That turned out to be untrue. In addition to that, he halted construction to the southern border wall which was very effective in stopping illegal immigration into the United States of America. Why anyone would halt the construction of this wall is unclear, as common sense would indicate that it’s a smart move to make human and drug trafficking harder, rather than easier. As another example, the Chinese have been using the Mexican cartels to transport their synthetic opioid known as Fentanyl into the United States which is 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin. With the absence of the border wall, China’s efforts to use Mexican cartels to import drugs into the country will go un-impeded because of the lack of obstruction. 

Truly, the list goes on as far as faulty policies initiated by the Biden administration are concerned. To make matters worse, the Biden administration hasn’t helped to stop the crime wave that has hit major United States cities between May of 2020 and May of 2021. Efforts to refund police in New York city did not occur until May of this year. It’s unclear just why it was allowed to continue without legislative action for a whole year, but the Biden administration did absolutely nothing to stop the crime wave after he was inaugurated in January of 2021. 

The President’s foreign policy measures were even more concerning because they threw America in jeopardy rather than protect it. For example, one of the foreign policy measures that the Biden administration took was to lift sanctions on Iran which allowed them to produce nuclear energy again. Ironically, it’s been highly suspected that Iran wants to use their nuclear energy resources to develop nuclear weapons which goes against multiple treaties that were signed by the Iranian government; which prohibits them from creating weapons of mass destruction. It would be wise for the Biden administration to keep the Trump administration policies in place in order to avoid future disasters from Iran, should it arise. 

In addition to lifting Iranian sanctions, the Biden administration has foregone the withdrawal plan the Trump administration has placed into effect in the middle east for his own plan. Unfortunately, instead of gradually taking troops out of Afghanistan and handing over power to the Afghan government gradually like Trump had planned, Biden issued an order which made every United States soldier withdraw in a very disorderly fashion; which left the capital city of Afghanistan open to invasion by the Taliban. The most incredible thing about this action is that President Biden was warned well in advance by United States intelligence agencies that Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city, would be invaded if he withdrew. He didn’t listen to their advice. This president essentially allowed terrorists to invade a city without even putting up a fight. It’s disgraceful! The Taliban should not have control over anything in Afghanistan! What’s worse, many Americans are trapped in Kabul waiting for evacuation from United States troops after they were left behind. Why? How did this make any sense?

The policies and orders issued by the Biden administration have been unbelievably awful. They’ve done absolutely nothing for the American people and have only harmed the United States. By the numbers, Biden has removed jobs from the American economy, made human and drug trafficking easier across our southern border, and actually enabled terrorism in middle eastern countries like Afghanistan rather than prevent it. It goes without saying that this President should be impeached for his track record of failed policy which shows an obvious lack of an ability to lead this great nation. His affiliations clearly lie in places outside of the United States which makes him a danger to the people of this nation and the world. Indeed, he should face capital punishment for his mistakes as there has yet to be a policy he’s implemented which has actually done any good for the American people. 

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