March 20, 2023

Why The Trump Administration’s Middle Eastern Policies Were Better Than The Biden Administration!

Corporate wars are something that no american wants to engage in because it needlessly throws precious life into the abyss of no return. Endless conflict! From the days of the World Wars, people began to realize that heavy conflict isn’t a viable option for bringing about world peace, it only breeds more violence. This lesson, of preserving life wherever possible wasn’t always followed religiously. However, history was such that the modern era could try to learn from the effort to preserve life by trying to stop conflict, not create new ones. This is exactly what the Trump administration set out to do from the start of 2016. If there was a need for violence he did it with minimal casualties. Regardless, when he could broker peace through negotiation that was his go to strategy for every conflict. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has not reciprocated this method. Quite the opposite, they’ve initiated an attack in Syria without congressional approval and they’ve sent Americans back into the warzone that is the middle east. 

From the very beginning, the Biden administration has failed to meet the standard set by the Trump administration. As the mainstay of the modern era, peace negotiations and de-escalating conflict zones in the middle east should be the number one priority. The Biden administration seems to be trying to re-escalate the middle east by adding more American forces to the region. On February 25th 2021, the Biden Administration sent F-15’s into Syria to bomb two militia groups that were aligned with Iran that killed an American contractor in Iraq. The Pentagon reported that only 1 person was killed even though local reports indicate that 22 people were killed; according to Fox news. It goes without saying that the loss of one American life is too many. However, conflict escalation is never the answer either. The main problem with these actions is that they only create more conflict. The Biden administration got into power with the promise that it would make America safer. However, instead of bringing troops back from the middle east, all he’s done is send them back in. Their presence, though strong with patriotic spirit, sends a message of escalation. The worst part about this air strike is that there are more passive ways to get the job done rather than inflict so much chaos on the people of the middle east. There are better ways it can be done. Like the Trump administration’s example.

The Trump administration’s approach to the middle east was not a brutal one, dead set on creating peace wherever they could, their operations were very surgical in nature and thorough in their design. Such was the case with the bombing of the air strip in Syria. In retaliation to the insidious chemical weapons attack initiated by Bashar al-Assad that killed 70 people including 20 children, Trump authorized the strike of a Syrian air strip used by the Assad regime to initiate the attack. 59 Tomahawk missiles were sent to strategically destroy the air strip with minimal casualties. The point to the action was to warn Assad that they were playing with fire should they attempt to harm any other Northern Syrian civilian. In doing this the Trump administration wanted to make his influence felt without creating more conflict. Unlike Biden, who created destruction with a more blunt approach. The Trump administrations work in the middle east didn’t stop there though. In keeping with his campaign promise to make peace in the middle east wherever he could, Trump authorized the capture of Abu Omar al Baghdadi by an American led operation that resulted in the former ISIS leader running from American forces and killing himself in the process. No Americans were harmed in the assault and the intention was to capture him.

The Trump administration’s efforts to create peace in the middle east have gone down in history as the most effective approach to stabilization because of it’s prioritization of peace through strength. He didn’t take no for an answer and only flexed his muscles when he had to. When he acted his goal was minimal casualties on both sides and maximum effectiveness. The Biden Administration’s approach to the middle east so far has been more blunt in its approach. What’s worse, is that it initiated an air strike that created unnecessary amounts of collateral damage by killing 22 people, according to local reports. The pentagon came out with it’s own report which stated that only one person died but the premise remains the same. Collateral damage is unacceptable and the Trump administration knew that. The middle east is rife with turmoil and aggression for one another, but what the Assad regime did was unacceptable. The power of the U.S.A was felt, with minimal harm to people. Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s current approach seems to only want more war, not stop it. Only time will tell if his policies will lead to a better future or bring the middle east deeper into the maelstrom of chaos that were it’s endless wars.

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