March 20, 2023

Why Was Parler Banned From App Platforms?

Why was Parler banned from all web and mobile platforms? This is a curious question that deserves more attention than most people seem to want to give it. In what seems like a blatant attempt to silence Trump supporters and those who wish to protect free speech, the tech giants at Silicon valley removed the app from their platforms. Amazon even removed the website of the app from their hosting service. How did this start though? After big tech(Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon) began to censor President Trump from speaking on other platforms for calling out bias from the liberal media industrial complex over the fraudulent election which took place, Trump’s voter base began to migrate to Parler. 

Parler is an interesting platform because it was designed as a twitter alternative and published to app stores in 2018. It didn’t officially begin to gain traction until conservatives were starting to be censored on Twitter. At this point in the Trump presidency, it goes without saying that Twitter all of big tech have an agenda at play to censor conservatives and violate their right to free speech. Ever since the 2020 election which has thousands of people giving eyewitness testimony, Trump has been monitored closely and harshly censored on Twitter. Though it’s obvious there was record breaking amounts of voter fraud, the likes of which America has never seen before, Trump isn’t allowed to talk about it according to Big Tech. For every post Trump made about the fraudulent election, Twitter would mark it for false information. And then, just weeks before the 2021 presidential inauguration, Twitter deleted Trump’s twitter account claiming that it had “incited violence”.

By that time, a vast majority of Trump’s supporters had fled to parlor which was made for this very reason. Parler is an app that  fundamentally believes that free speech is important regardless of what anyone has to say, whether it’s against or for something like Climate change for example. This is exactly what Parlor stood for and that’s exactly what they did. 

Then something interesting happened after two short years of being in service. On January 6th Trump had called for people to gather  at the capital to peacefully protest the fraudulent election that took place. Trump himself made it clear many times that he wanted the protest to be peaceful. Any law abiding student of the teachings of MLK would happily comply with Trump’s request. Unfortunately, this didn’t occur and violence broke out at the capital. Things got so bad that some people even stormed inside congress and stole documents. This is where things get confusing. Though the Trump protestors were deliberately told to be peaceful with their protest, the corporate news media went out of their wait to slander those that entered congress as Trump supporters, though the opposite was confirmed to be true. The people who were identified inside congress were anarchists who were affiliated with things that Trump has denied affiliation with many times, such as Nazi groups. Though this is in fact the case, the corporate news media still blames Trump for the protests. Many of the actual Trump supporters who are hardworking and law abiding citizens would never become violent and protest like BLM and antifa. 

This is where issues began to occur for Parler. Just days after the protests in Washington D.C. Google, Apple, and Amazon suspended the app indefinitely because it contained “egregious content” about the Washington protests and apparently it violated it’s terms of service. Interestingly, it’s unclear exactly how Parler violated the tech giant’s terms of service but people should be allowed to express their opinion freely as Parler’s CEO, John Matze has said. It’s curious that this deletion of the app occurred days after Trump’s twitter was deleted and the Parler app reached 1# on the app store and #2 on the google play store; during the months of the election and Washington protests respectively. This is very clearly tyrannical in nature and shows just how much the Tech Giants need significantly tighter regulations in how they manage services that are not their own. The users of Parler are allowed to talk about events which occurred, regardless of whether or not service providers like Apple, Google, and Amazon agree with it. 

As the host of a third party service, and not the actual service, they can’t decide who gets to see that third party services content, without confirmation from their government. Section 230 is the law that Big tech uses to try to get around that fact as it establishes those companies as “service providers” rather than publishers. This “egregious” loophole makes big tech not liable for any and all third party content or services which may use their platforms. In other words, this disturbing legislation makes big tech an authoritarian regime that violates the first amendment whenever they see fit. It’s an unconstitutional law by design. For example, does your cell phone provider censor the text messages your friends send or does your cable provider censor the channels or websites you visit. No! No, they don’t! Only time will tell for how long it’ll take for this Orwellian legislation to be altered so that big tech has to conform to the first amendment, which was made at the founding of our great nation. 

Though Parler was taken down, other apps have become the new platform for Trump supporters to converse with one another. is a website that has become the new platform for people to follow Donald Trump and other people fighting for freedom of the American people from violations of free speech.

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